Cancel prior to 2 weeks before 1st day of PJO VIRTUAL-OSO

   - 100% refund
   Cancel within 2 weeks of 1st day of PJO VIRTUAL-OSO

   - $100 cancelation fee, the rest of money will be refunded.

   Cancel after PJO Jazz Week begins/during PJO VIRUTAL-OSO

   - No refund

ABOUT PJO virtual-oso

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and in an effort to continue the Philadelphia Jazz Orchestra Educational Program's 15th summer of jazz education for student musicians entering grades 6 through 12, our traditional PJO Jazz Week programs have been converted to an online/virtual program for students that do not wish to attend our traditional PJO Jazz Week Sessions in-person this year.. 

The PJO Staff has developed a curriculum for this summer that will all students to develop skills and collaborate with teachers and fellow students virtually.  The curriculum has expanded focus on individual skill building, practice/rehearsal techniques, ear training, theory/improvisation, and music technology. 

The PJO Virual-Oso Session is 1 week long with an approximate 3.5 to 4.5 hours of instruction each day via ZOOM.  In addition to the ZOOM sessions, students will have to finish assignments and work/practice on their own each day in able to contribute to the final "Virtual Concert". 

Each student will receive a personal schedule for each week of their session.  Their schedule will help them maximize their individual skills and help them prepare and record their repertoire for final virtual performances at the end of the session.

We are excited for the opportunities that this new online format can provide for students and look forward to you joining us this summer! 

Tuition for PJO Virtual-Oso is only $500 for the session.



Monday, June 28th - Friday, July 2nd

Typical Day Of PJO Virtual-Oso Instruction

9:30am - 3:00pm

    9:30am - Morning Meeting - Jazz History/Current Events

   10:15am - Music technology - Recording Fundamentals

   11:00am - Large Ensemble Techniques & Repertoire Prep

   12:00pm - Lunch Break

   1:00pm - Small Group Lesson (by instrument)

   1:30pm - Guest Clinician

   2:15pm - Jazz Theory/Impovisation

   3:00pm - Sessions end for the day


  • Instrument
  • Computer (with internal microphone/camera)
  • Access to ZOOM
  • Headphones


  • USB Microphone
  • Audio/Midi interface
  • Midi Keyboard

PJO "Virtual-oso" 2021

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